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Facilities Management

CEPROTEC is one of the fastest growing Manpower service provider in Qatar and our Hospitality Services Division offers a thorough blend of hospitality staff and services based on your specific needs. With our in-depth knowledge of the Hospitality Industry and its operational functions, we have renowned to be a tangible partner for diverse group of Clients.

We give assurance to our Clients competency of the staff we provide, because the quality of our services depends so directly on our people. We are dedicated to be the best in the industry by providing the experienced manpower and quality services in a structure that guarantees they are empowered to deliver what has been promised to our Clients.

We have a collection of experienced team of hospitality professionals and presently providing them to various Clients such as Hospitals, Museum, Airport etc. We are successful in providing our Clients the best services in a timely manner and our triumph in business always attained from our stern principle of delivering the quality services and best value to the Clients continuously.

  • Cleaning services of the facility
  • Cafeteria - waiters and cleaners
  • Food Assembling staff
  • Transport support staff
  • Laundry helpers