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Qatar is one of the world’s most dynamic and fastest growing economies. As per preliminary estimates of GDP from Qatar Statistics Authority, *Qatar’s economy grew by 6.2% (real GDP growth) in 2012, and the nominal GDP reached 11.2% for the same period. This represents an increase of 3.91% in 2012 compared to 2011. The country is undergoing a continuous programme of substantial economic liberalization, which is having major positive effects on prosperity. Qatar boasts the highest GDP per capita in the world, and is now a major force in global economic activities. Whilst oil and gas are the primary sources of national revenue, tourism is also rapidly taking off, and a significant number of infrastructure developments have been implemented in preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2022, to be held in the capital city of Doha.Doha has evolved into a powerful magnet for business opportunities and one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The country’s rulers are extremely progressive and have demonstrated their serious commitment to international trade through an ongoing investment programme that will cement Doha’s status as a serious player on the world stage.